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6 Tips about jingles For Entrepreneurs

While watching television, in the commercial break, we don't pay much attention towards advertisements. But at times, we hum the tune/words of certain ads even after we switch the TV sets off, or during our other work (Traveling, cooking, bathing etc). Have you ever thought why we do that, even unknowingly? That is the magic of music! The brilliant idea of using this magic of music for advertising a brand is well-received by the ad-world daddys. And there was begun a different era of advertising, JINGLE!

I am not going to talk about the statistics and history of the jingle world in this post, but just want to give the idea about this process to newbies in the entrepreneurship! Every business owner always wants his marketing campaign to be unique and cost effective at the same time. And always gets afraid of big numbers in the quotation given by advertising agencies. But when the actual time comes for getting a jingle done, they get confused about how it all goes exactly. Today, I am going to explain the detailed process of getting a jingle done step by step in easy non technical language. Yes, definitely it is a game of spending your hard earned money for such a thing that you do not have an exact idea about. And you should never risk your money in such a way. That is the purpose of this post. I am sure, after reading this article, you will be pretty much clear about the jingle making process of your business! So here let's go, After agreeing on financial terms, the creative work starts. Discuss The Formalities Well In Advance: When you are thinking of getting a jingle done, ask about budget, time span, copyrights, payment structure, publishing mediums and other legal formalities(contract) if any. Make each and every point crystal clear about the whole plan of action. The Purpose Of Your Decision For Getting A Jingle Done: You should be very clear about the goal of your jingle. Why have you wished or needed a jingle for your business promotion? Because this is the first thing any jingle maker will ask for. It may be a new product or service you are going to launch, may be a new branch, a scheme or special offer, a milestone in the business, anything. It even may be announcing your arrival in the field. So your clarity about your jingle is going to show the correct path to the jingle maker. Know Your Target Audience: The most important point of any advertising campaign! Every jingle maker would discuss this with you, while taking the brief about the project. As for promotion, you must have the target audience data with you. Jingle is nothing different but a musical advertisement of your business. So like all other ways of advertising, jingle making process also has this important requirement of knowing target audience. For example, if you want to promote a denture service, creating a musical piece that is similar like nursery rhyme does not make any sense! There you have to do something that attracts elderly persons immediately. Also give brochures, website and social media links, previously done jingle if any, to the jingle maker. This would help in understanding the business and its tone. Specify If Any Reference In Your Mind: Many times, when we think of something new, at the back of the mind we always have some reference. We unknowingly make an impression in our mind about the new thing that we are going to have. Similarly in case of jingle making, entrepreneurs expect a catchy, unique, melodious, super effective jingle. They tell the jingle maker to create something totally fresh and out of the world, magical impact. And when they listen to the first demo of the jingle, they start comparing it with some other jingles which they like. They start giving examples. That is absolutely not wrong and having a reference in mind is perfectly fine. But if you make it clear to the jingle maker, that you want a feel like this track, or you have liked the rhythm in some specific track, it would help the person to understand your point of view and ultimately save your time! Discuss with partners about jingle expectations. You must agree on what are you looking for.  Also feel free to suggest any specific music genre or instruments in your mind. Your sharing is going to make your jingle better! Decide A Deadline Mutually: Once the brief is given, give some time to the jingle maker to come up with some options. May be of lyrics, of tune, anything. But mutually decide some deadline for presenting the first set of options. The deadline should be decent enough for jingle maker to work upon the project. Because unnecessary rushing will only end up in not-so-fine work delivery. Also confirm in the market about the usual time taken for creating jingles. So a fair deal would be done. Decide the number of options provided by the jingle maker in earlier meeting only. Be Reasonable: Justify your selection or rejection of an option. When you do not like an option, frankly let the creator know the reasons behind it. It is your brand and you need to like the jingle 1000% before approving it. But do not just tell that you don't like it or it's not up to the mark or it can be better. Be specific about what you do not like about it. It may be anything like use of words, tune, tempo, genre, etc. But being specific will it clear to the jingle maker as well as you about what is preferred and what is not. Also giving proper justification of rejecting will help being focused and jingle maker can avoid repeating the stuff in the next option/options. Best Is What Represents Your Business In A Correct Way: Music is an ocean! There are unlimited melodies, unlimited rhythm patterns. Same with the lyrics. You can find so much in the vicinity of creative procedure. But you should be able to decide what is good for your brand and what is not. The jingle should match with the voice and tone of other promotional mediums of your brand. Some of the parameters are nature of the business, feel of the logo, style of creative designs which are used on social media, brand website, etc. For example a woman ethnic wear brand can never have jingle in solid Rock music genre. It will be a mismatch and failure. Only thing is that you need to be able to make a decision. Of course only if you are convinced that this is the best option. But once you start liking an option, do not crave for getting something more better and better. There is no end to options in creativity but asking for options unnecessarily will make no sense. Do not ask for options just because you think that you can have a more fabulous jingle. That will just end up wasting time, with nothing in hand. To conclude, having a business jingle is a great idea, and you should definitely go for it if and when your business demands so. These were some tips that would help you and make the whole process little easy for you. Or at least after reading this post, you will be aware of the process of getting a jingle done for your brand! Also you can reach us anytime on or 9819204232 for any help regarding jingle. Have a great time!

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