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How To Create And Upload Your Own Song On YouTube

Friends, as the world has come closer with the digital transformation, there are lots of ways to express. There is a huge platform out there for your talent at the starting stage. You do not need to struggle to get some opportunity that will drive you towards definite path to success. In fact you can create opportunities for yourself with this extremely effective ‘www-giant!’ You can always be ready to showcase your talent with just a few clicks. Technology might threaten you at some moments but there is always a solution for such problems. The only thing is, “you MUST be GOOD at what you do.” YouTube is a second most popular search engine that delivers huge content everyday. And you just need to do the right things at the right timing, with some right tech hacks.

Here we are sharing our thoughts and some quick tips to help you start showcasing your talent online. Today’s post is especially for our musician friends. Guys, you are damn good at your art, whether it be singing, composing, playing some instrument, etc. Your parents, friends praise you a lot. You are winner at many competitions in your locality. BUT, that does not suffice. You need to show your talent to the world! So you are thinking of uploading some of your creations on YouTube, but don’t know how to get through. Then you are at the right place, reading this!

1. Review your song/instrumental:

First, you need to critically go through your creation. Do you really feel that you have given your best in creating it? Make your friends and family, some music-field people listen to it. Don’t tell them you are thinking of uploading it on Internet. Take their reviews. If they like it, you are ready to go! Be open to suggestions.

2. Recording you song/instrumental:

You will have to prepare for your home setup for creating tracks for your song on your own. A computer, music software, midi keyboard, sound card and microphone are the basic requirements for your home setup. (Soon we are going to publish a post about how to go for your home setup) Start with the cue of your tune. You will have to play or sing a basic scratch cue track for other layers of arrangement. Start recording phrases that come in your mind as intro music, interludes, coda etc. Record vocals, mix it properly. If you have some arranger friend with his own setup, you also can request him to help you or arrange the song for you. Work on it till you are 100% satisfied. The music is the most important part that needs to reach out with proper treatment. This is the thing from which unknown people are going to judge you, make opinions about your art and creativity! So take as much efforts on your creation’s final output. If the budget allows, hire a proper studio and get your song recorded and mixed by an expert sound engineer. Some softwares for recording and mixing tracks on your own, are Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio for Windows and Logic, Pro Tools for Mac.

3. Think on video:

The visuals are going to be the face of your song. So whether it be a slideshow with some images or a proper video, be choosy. One also can create a lyric video of the song.  For lyric video or slideshow, you will have to work on the selection of images. Images should be relating to music, lyrics of the song, its feel. You may have to Photoshop it for some added impact. You even can create your own images by taking pictures with a camera or mobile and editing them. If you download the images from Internet, or borrow from some friend, use them with prior written permission. Don’t forget that the images you use for your video should NOT break any copyright law. Else you will definitely get into some trouble after uploading it on Internet. The second option is shooting proper motion footage. Here you can be a little pro by creating a proper video for your song. Editing process also is a bit tough than working with just images. But video gets more effective with such motion footage. Like images, you can use motion footage also from stock with proper permissions. Be careful about using transitions and video effects. Treat your video according to the feel of your song. Otherwise too jazzy effects will spoil the simplicity of the music and vice versa. Be careful about sync if you are shooting for motion visuals. You need to paly audio in the background and shoot accordingly while taking lip sync shots.

Example of a lyric video:

Example of a video created with images:

Example of a video with motion footage:

Some softwares for video editing; Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, iMovie etc.

4. Upload on the YouTube:

Once you are done with final edit of your song’s video, now it’s time to upload it on the YouTube. A Google account is necessary for creating a YouTube channel. If you already have one, half of the work is done. Now you need to sign in to YouTube with your Gmail account. In the right upper corner, you will see an arrow. It’s a button for Upload. By clicking that arrow, you can upload your song’s video on YouTube. Give a good name to it. Write detailed information in the description section. Put some keywords related to your song in the tags section. Select a thumbnail from the options given by YouTube. You can upload your own custom thumbnail as well. Let the video get uploaded and processed and you’re done! Publish the video by clicking Publish on the right side upper corner and share the link to your friends, family, colleagues, social sites, etc.

Some quick tips…

Keep your song’s mix crispy, soothing, distort-free and mastered properly

  • Use final track for video in the .wav format, 48khz 24bit

  • Use high quality, high resolution images and video footage

  • Try to keep the duration of the song less than 4 minutes. People tend to get diverted if the song is lengthy.

  • Create a catchy, attractive title for your song

  • Create custom thumbnail for YouTube where title of the song should be mentioned.

Most important; keep working, keep uploading, keep improving the quality of your work and your YouTube channel will start growing automatically.

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All the best and happy YouTubing!

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