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How To Market Your Music For Free On Social Media

In today's digital era, the 'Generation Next' quenches its thirst for knowledge immediately with the smart phones on the go! The 'www-giant' has reached almost every inch of the world. So just imagine, if one decides to take a little advantage of this transformation, reaching the other corner of the world is just a click away! 

Today's post is specially for upcoming musician friends those are struggling to show their talent to the world! Here are some small tricks and tips for promoting one's music on social media! Social media is a super effective and free medium that everyone with an internet connection can access it easily. So let's have a look on some websites especially for showcasing and promoting your own music.


A web portal hosting the profiles of millions of musicians, song-writers, composers, production houses, record labels, etc. You can create your page by signing up here. A full packaged profile can be created by adding own music tracks, concerts info, press coverage, photos, lyrics, etc. Its Facebook integration app, mobile app help us grow our reach on social sites. Also the profile page can be shared by copying URL. Songs can be kept only for streaming, for free downloading or for sale.


A second effective medium. Profile can be created easily here as well. Tracks can be uploaded. A specialty of Soundcloud is, you don't have any MB limit for uploading the track. Also you can attach a nice image with the track connecting its musical feel. Soundcloud tracks also can be shared everywhere. And Soundcloud mobile application is available easily.


YouTube is an altogether different world! It is second most popular search engine after Google. Here, one can create a beautiful video to be played along with music track. Of course, for that you need to have video making knowledge else you need to outsource it. Else you can create a video just with slides or lyrics. YouTube video and channel optimization is very important for channel to grow. It includes video title, tags, description, thumbnail. annotations and many more. A very attractive fact about YouTube is one can earn money through YouTube channel by monetizing the videos, affiliate marketing, sponsored content etc. Many geeks in the world see YouTube as their daily bread and butter and they are quite successful with the said techniques. But that needs a lot of study and research. There is a lot of tools that can be availed for YouTube success. Some paid techniques also help channel grow fast. But one needs to be careful of not violating and YouTube monetization rules.


A super popular social networking site. Having the potential to make a post viral in a very short span of time. Almost everyone has a Facebook profile. But it is recommended for artists that they should create a fan page for their own or for their company/production house/venture. Because the posts shared by pages are made more viral by Facebook algorithms. Also pages do not have members limit. The page should be recommended to friends and family. Once they like and share it, a basic fan base would be created. Then one can post the links towards own musical work through page. Also share others' links. Keep it in mind that Facebook works on give and take formula! So if how you connect with others matters a lot. Keep posting, sharing regularly. Gradually fan base grows. Also it is very important to reply, converse personally with your fans those are engaged with your content in any way.


A social site based on little different concepts than Facebook. Using correct hashtags, attaching attractive images and useful links in posts are some regular practices on Twitter. Drafting your post correctly within its given characters limit is the  trick of being popular on Twitter. Twitter is more over used by celebrities.


Professional networking site. Many companies, businesses related profiles and company pages are here on LinkedIn. Those interested in getting employment in music related field, e.g. music marketing/artists coordination etc, have more potential advantages of joining LinkedIn. Growing one's professional network, keeping profile updated, connecting with other professionals, uploading projects are some regular practices on LinkedIn.


It's basically a website for photo and video sharing. But musicians can use it for posting their photos/videos while working, rehearsals, jamming sessions etc. Videos here have a limit of one minute duration. Even if Instagram is not directly music promoting, one can not ignore this fun-filled social site as fans are equally interested in behind the scenes process of a music album or concert!

So, these are some small tips by using which one can showcase and promote his/her own music to the world an can dream of coming in limelight!

For those out there, knowing Marathi, here is an introductory video related to growing on digital platforms after Covid19 pandemic.

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All the best!

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