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How to organize a concert of your own music

A lot of music composers out there are quite interested in presenting a concert of self-composed melodies. Are you one of them? That’s great! Then this post is just perfect for you. Coming up with your own music concert is an exciting process for every budding composer! But at the same time it’s stressful and confusing too. Newbies might get really tensed and lost at certain points. Here, we have jotted down some of the best tips just for you.

1. Your compositions:

For performing in the concert, you should have at least a minimum number of your own composed songs. Have a look on your stuff. There should be variety in genre, style, composing, arrangement, lyrics, everything in order to attract all age groups and all kinds of music lovers. So do compose new songs if necessary. The most important thing, DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR MUSIC, JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE COMPOSED IT! Make others (your family, friends, guide) listen to your music and listen to their reviews.

2. Arrange your songs:

It’s nice that you have come up with a good material of your own. But how will you present it in front of audiences? You need to get your compositions arranged properly. If you are able to that on your own, that’s good. But if you are not a master of arranging music, you HAVE to look for a music arranger that will decorate your songs beautifully. Find a good arranger, give him your compositions, discuss your vision for your compositions with him, let him give his inputs, and see, your compositions will be dressed up in such adorable manner that you, yourself will be surprised! Again get reviews from your family, friends, guide etc.

3. Actual Concert Designing:

Now that you have some idea about how your music is getting received, start actually designing the concert. How many compositions, what should be the show flow, how many artists, what will be your part, duration; all these are the points to be finalized.  You need to order your compositions, set an interval point, see if you need a anchor that will flawlessly maintain a link between audience and artists. Gather the team and start rehearsing. Don’t forget to find a nice name for your concert.

4. Budget: 

You need to find out the estimated budget for every event. That helps you preparing for the finance letting all the things go well in perfect place. So is with your music concert. Sit and write down each and every expense that is required for the concert. From venue-rent to refreshments for the concert day, even a single safety pin that is needed should be covered in estimated budget. Once you get a certain amount on paper, try where you can do some cost-cutting. For example, try to rehearse at your place if possible instead of some jam room, make designs for promotion on your own, eat home-made snacks during rehearsals instead of hotel food, etc. A very important thing that needs to be taken care of is, if you fail getting sponsors for the event, you will either have to invest from your pocket or cancel the event! So from initial level, be prepared for the worst and have backup plans. Also you can think of selling tickets for your concert. That can reduce some burden.

5. Plan the concert:

Once you are ready with all the creative work, done rehearsing your music, have an estimated budget in hand, now it’s time to plan a concert! Think about a suitable date, time and venue for you and your team. Plan at least more than a month before the actual date. Better to plan your concert on a holiday, so it would be convenient for all. Now the first thing you need to do is, ‘booking the venue!’ Hurry up and make sure the venue is available on the desired date and just book it as soon as possible. Second thing is book a good sound! A sound system is a very important part of a music concert. If the sound is not set up properly, all the efforts you and your team have taken for this concert, will be totally useless! So don’t let it happen. Keep informing your team about the updates regarding concert. Involve them in important decisions. After all, your team is backbone of your concert.

6. Sponsorship:

This is a crucial step in organizing an event. At times one can get discouraged, but you just have to keep trying. Prepare a letter requesting sponsors to support you. Work upon the categories and returns for sponsorship. Remember you have to make an impressive proposal, including all the details like concert brochure, artist profiles, estimated budget, what they will be getting in return, etc. Start contacting people, ask who usually support such events. Just go meet and present your sponsorship proposal. Contact maximum people, till you reach your desired amount. At some deals, you will have to modify your categories and rewards. Be open to that, of course to a certain extent! Always keep an eye on calendar, as you have to keep sufficient time in hand for publicity. So keep a deadline for accepting sponsorship.

7. Publicity:

Again, an important thing. Even if you have taken lots and lots of efforts, got a handsome amount from sponsors, but, if people won't come to know about your event, then? That's why promotion of your event needs to be taken care of, even more than sponsorship! You need to decide your target audience and try to find out and reach them with your campaign. After all it's AUDIENCE who is going to listen, review, appreciate your work! So do a smart work. Decide a style, budget, schedule, platforms for your publicity campaign. Make use of social media, local newspaper, community, a word of mouth publicity. Also consider placing banners where your target audience usually hangs out. Think if you want any chief guest. If yes, finalize things well in advance. Your campaign must start at least 2 weeks prior to your concert date.

8. Final touch:

Now that you are prepared perfectly for the first gig of your own music, it's time to have a final look on everything. The checklist is as follows -

◆ Confirmations with venue, sound guys, guests

◆ Final rehearsal with team

◆ Final show-flow 

  (including other things than performance)

◆ Sponsorship account

◆ Tickets revenue (if applies)

◆ Expenses account

◆ Payments to be done

◆ Backdrop and other print material

Almost everything is done till now. So just relax, take care of yourself, be calm and confident. True efforts always pay off. So look forward towards putting 100% of yours. Best wishes :)

Do contact us at for any guidance regarding the procedure. And do not forget to follow the blog! Cheers :)

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