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How to Use YouTube as a Musician: 7 Types of Content for Musicians

Sometimes, music artists may think that starting a channel is okay, but what will they upload on it consistently? For those who have this question, I have brought some concept options.

For many people, YouTube is a medium of entertainment and time-pass. Or uploading videos on YouTube seems to be an insignificant task. But with the increasing impact of digital media, there is no alternative to YouTube. This is not just for music artists. Today, if any artist does not have a YouTube presence, then it can be fatal for their work promotion! Besides, a well-grown YouTube channel also provides opportunities for side businesses and earnings.

Additionally, since decent video and audio recording can be done on smartphones, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment right from the start of the channel. Besides, many video editing apps are easily available. Therefore, even with just a basic microphone connected to the mobile, a good video can be created.

Some ideas/concepts that come naturally to music artists are what you will see in this video.

1. Cover songs - A type of song that is popular and easy to make. Both singers and instrumentalists can cover famous songs and .upload them to their channels. Cover songs can be created with karaoke tracks, with a vocal friend, or even just with a basic guitar. Instrumental covers are also a very interesting topic for instrumental artists. However, it is important to take care that both the singer and the instrumentalist give credit to the original song when uploading cover songs. This is both as a courtesy and to avoid copyright infringement. In this credit list, it is essential to mention the names of the original singer, composer, lyricist, film song, and music company if they are all present. There is a possibility of copyright strikes and the video can be taken down if proper credit is not given. Therefore, be sure to mention the original credit list in the description.

2. Original songs - Songs created by the music composer themselves will be uploaded to their YouTube channel. These songs could be properly arranged, studio-recorded, or just recorded at home with a keyboard, guitar, or any other musical instrument by themselves or with the help of their singer or musician friends. While recording at home, make sure to focus on clear audio recording. Because listening to music is of the highest priority. Therefore, providing the audience with a great listening experience is essential!

3. Training videos - There is a trend of teaching many artists to perform on their own through training videos or to benefit others by sharing their knowledge. YouTube is a perfect platform for them, as there are many new and innovative things that people enjoy learning, but it may not be possible to take classes for them. They search for these videos on YouTube. At such times, if you have uploaded useful content from your end on your channel, it can definitely help to attract new followers. Moreover, it is said that knowledge increases when shared. By uploading such videos, you can become an expert in your field.

4. Riyaaz Sessions - Riyaaz (practice) is extremely important and necessary for achieving maximum perfection in your art. When you practice, you can record your sessions and upload them to provide guidance for others. There are various tools required for riyaaz such as lehra, theka, tanpura, backing tracks for Western music, etc. which you can make available to other artists. Different tracks with various scales and tempos are very useful for other artists to practice on, which is why such tracks are in high demand. Additionally, you can provide on-demand customized tracks based on audience polls.

5. Review videos - This is a separate but useful type of content. If you regularly use instruments or equipment, you can shoot a review and upload it to your channel. In the review video, you can demonstrate how the instrument or equipment works, the general cost, where to buy it, and share your overall experience. If someone wants to make a purchase, they can get an idea from your video. Additionally, this provides an opportunity for passive income. For example, if you created a review video for a microphone or headphone product, you could include an affiliate link to the product in the video description. If someone makes a purchase through your link, you will receive a small commission from the seller. These are two things to keep in mind when creating such videos: you should be honest about your experiences with the instrument or equipment, and you should not promote something that you haven't used yourself or don't believe in. You don't want to mislead your audience. Your reviews should build trust with your audience.

6. Behind the scenes or making videos - it's a slightly different way to engage with your audience alongside your other content. While creating music, during recording sessions, or while working on overlays, sometimes interesting things happen, or there are some fun stories about how a particular song was created, and audiences enjoy hearing about them. That's why you can share these kinds of videos with them. Through making or behind the scenes videos, you can connect with your audience on a more personal level.

7. Updates from your field - Through videos like these, you can stay connected to the current happenings in your region. You can benefit from the timing of these videos while talking about a new and popular song, a new software, or an event. Because many people search for the latest topics and some of that traffic can come to your video.

So friends, these were some simple ideas that everyone could easily implement.

Apart from this, please tell us important ideas through comments. If you liked this video, please like it, share it in your circle. Be sure to subscribe to the channel. We will meet you in the next video, until then goodbye. Do follow your passion, everything else will fall in place.

Team ShubhaSur

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