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Music Production Software (DAW) for Beginner Music Producers

Lot of artists are seeing at music as a serious option for their career..

And nowadays being able to produce at least some basic music for yourself is quite important..

Well, there is a hack....

Music production is an art as well as a science! And it's DAW which let's you create your music tracks..

So almost every music artist, thinking of using a software for creating tracks faces this question..

'Which is the best software to learn or to start music production with?'

One simple answer to this, is, there is no such perfect software to learn or to start with. It's completely depending upon how you understand it and use it.

The most important part of learning music production is to understand the concepts basically. If you understand the flow of how the process takes place, then probably you would be able to use any software. Yes! So when you're learning music production, do not get stuck into one specific software. Rather, get familiar with how a new project is set up, how tracks are created, what is MIDI recording, how basic levels are set..

This method will help you to be able to use any software or let's say DAW.

Still, to name some, I will recommend FL Studio, Cubase, Garageband and Logic Pro.. These are quite industry-practiced DAWs.

Also, one very important thing is, rather than software, it's your skill, which is going to make your track fabulous! So work hard on gathering good collection of VST plugins and create your sound bank.. Experiment in creating patterns, creating melodies, go beyond the usual fundas and concepts.. Dare to break rules but, first know them! Do not forget that the person behind the DAW creates magic and not the software...

- Team

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