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New Normal For Music Artists

We are heading towards the end of the year 2020. The year has been really tough for everybody and it is very clear that the world has changed how it used to be before Covid19 pandemic. And being Music Artists, it is mandatory for us to get adjusted to the #NewNormal

In this post we are going to have a look at some skill sets everyone must learn as a Music Artist, to survive in the changed scenario of Music Industry.

● Accepting The Change

First of all, don't let negative thoughts enter your mind! Everything is going be fine and nothing is greater than life! Try to keep yourself calm, patient and hopeful! Meditation, reading motivational books can help you out.

Being a passionate artist, we are very keen towards improving our art, performance and always try to be a perfectionist. And that was quite normal till March 2020. But suddenly everything changed almost upside down in the events field and the industry just stopped where it was! Looking at the seriousness of this situation, it will take time for events field to get back to the earlier normal.

Most important thing for artists, is 'To Accept This Scenario!' Many of us are actually depending upon only events for our daily bread and butter. But currently, survival is utmost of importance. And that is why, without thinking about what people will say, or should I do this or not, just try and find some alternate source of income as quickly as possible. Be it related to your art or not, just tell yourself that this is for survival. No work is of low standard! So leave just worrying and start analysing your calibre, your skills, your potential. Research about legit income sources and plan how you can take steps real quick. Also you can think of fitting your current profession in to such a business model that will allow you to earn online.

● Online Work Model

In this era of digital transformation, it is truly believed that there is a real scope for almost each and everyone out there to start some own venture online and earn a good amount of money. Try finding out methods that will allow you to work from home, without stepping out, with the help of internet.

For example, if you are a music teacher and you usually teach at some place that you have taken on rent. Now, you can teach via video calling facility. So you can decide some online platform like WhatsApp, Google Duo, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. And you students can attend from their homes.

With such techniques, artists can work from home, teach online, spread knowledge through blogs and videos, sell their art (digital art forms), create an audience and followers base, make money through Google Ads and affiliate marketing (art related products and services).

● Learning New Technology

Working from home or online business will take some extra effort in the form of learning. As we all are dealing with this situation for first time in our lives, it is obvious that we are not very used to the new technology that's required for working from home, or online work. But once accepted and decided to get adjusted, nothing is impossible. And we can go for it easily by leaning for some short time.

Music artists can make a small home recording setup at their own homes and create music that they can upload on social platforms. Or with a decent microphone, sound card and a good configuration laptop, they can perform online providing a good audio visual quality.

YouTube, blogging, selling music tracks online, arranging online music concerts are ways of earning that require a technical knowledge varying from basic level to higher level. But these all can be learnt and applied in our own work model.

It just takes honest intention and willingness for hardwork for adapting online working structure!

● Digital Platforms

There are huge numbers of streaming platforms on the www giant! Those will provide a space where we can create our profile, store, information and updates about us. These platforms charge some fees or commission for selling your music, merch etc.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram will let you showcase your talent. Audience building is very important in online work structure for artists. So take steps immediately towards creating your brand and your own audience.

● Home Recording Setup

Recording on your mobile device and uploading it on social media has been now outdated and people have started expecting a decent quality in your recordings if you are a good artist. So why disappoint them? You can definitely think of your own small setup for recording stuff.

To maintain a certain quality in your work, it is really required that you should create a basic setup at your home and make use of the technology to offer a decent audio video quality to your audience. Having your small home setup will enable you to record yourself, mix, edit and upload it online.

Basic home setup contains -


Sound card (audio interface)


Headphones or monitors

Keyboard / midi controller (if you are keys player)

There are multiple options for the above that will fit in youd budget. Also there are chances that you already have some equipment and you need not purchase them. So you can prepare to invest on the remaining.

● Social Media Presence

Creating your own audience and your brand is very important in this digital transformation era. The days are gone where Facebook, Insta, YouTube etc were considered just a fun activity. Now people are looking at these social media platforms as a source of their earning. And in every domain, social media has become the face of the brand and social media pages have become the virtual homes, at times, more engaging than real ones.

Advertisers have started exploring new horizons to promote their brands. The rise of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising has made it easy for the brands to reach common man via cellphones and social media applications. And the same has given ample power to individuals to make optimum use of their following and thus good amount of money.

Music artists also have tremendous scope to earn through social media. Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Deals, Sponsored Content are some methods that allow us to earn money on social media. Also, being active on social media will help you being connected to your audience and fans.

So start uploading good quality content and build your brand and own audience before it is too late.

● Help Each Other And Grow Together

Currently every artist is facing equal trouble unless he or she already has some big fat bank balance earned earlier. So it become very essential to understand the scenario and help each other learning new things and getting adjusted to the New Normal.

Tough times usually make genuine relations and even if we are pro and know advance technology, it is our friends and family who are with us. So support each other, help each other and grow together is the only funda that will keep us going now and post pandemic.

- Team ShubhaSurPedia

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