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Why : My YouTube Channel Doesn't Get Monetized | Most Commonly Asked Question About YouTube

There is a very important saying that should never be neglected if you want to grow your YouTube Channel -


Hence, if you are expecting some serious success on YouTube, you need to put in some serious efforts for building your YouTube channel. We have taken out some technical aspects which should be taken care of. Aesthetics are just subjective and we are not getting into that topic as one may like a certain type of video so much and some other person may not like the same video at all.

Here are some reasons that may be stopping your channel from getting views, watch time and consequently, monetization.

1000 Subscribers And 4000 Hours Watch Time

The most important eligibility criteria. It is important that your YouTube channel has minimum of 1000 subscribers and has completed the watch time of 4000 hours in the 12 months period. If you complete both of these, then only you are allowed to apply for monetization on your channel. Also the watch hours must come from the public videos and the views and watch time of deleted videos, or unlisted or private videos are not considered.

Decent Audio Quality

The most important thing that stops you from getting good amount of views and watch time. If people will not hear what you want say in your video, or sing/act, anything, then they are just going to leave it. A clear sound, enough volume level, noiseless audio is just mandatory! Many times people just record it on mobile devices and without any process upload it on YouTube. That's such an unfair action for your own channel. There is a lot of recording apps which record a good quality uncompressed sound just in your mobile device. Those should be used. Even ample lapel microphones are available in the market. These are cheaper than one's film-and-dinner-out evening and surprisingly give a good quality.

Video Capturing

One is going to watch your videos on computer screens or smartphone screens, and not live! Understanding this is much needed as people shoot in such horrible angles and without caring even a bit about the background, basic ambiance, basic lighting, frame, focus, anything. First 20 seconds are enough for our viewers to decide about the quality of our videos, technically and content wise. That's why we need to be very careful while deciding the beginning of our video. And we need to maintain the quality throughout the video to keep our viewers returning back to a YouTube channel.

Editing Of The Video

Depending on the genre of the video, editing plays a vital role in the success of the video. It maintains a proper flow into your video, and helps cut unnecessary stuff out of it. Video editing helps convey the story in the video and make it interesting visually. Try to use editing tools or apps. And if you are not able to do it on your own, get help from your friends and eventually try to learn it. Also, you can collaborate with your friends and you guys can work together on the YouTube venture.

Using Copyrighted Footage Of Others

Sometimes people just download the video footage or audios from YouTube or any other website and use it in their own videos. Some brilliant people just download the whole video of some other YouTube channel and upload it on the run YouTube channel. This is the most harmful thing that can happen to your YouTube channel which may result in a complete removal of your YouTube account. If you receive any copyright claim on your video, then it may be ok as it will just stop you from making money out of that video. But if you get a copyright strike, then that is a dangerous thing. Because 3 copyright strikes and you will loose your YouTube account. So be careful before using any stuff audio aur video downloaded from internet. Get the information about its copyright and allowance for use.

Prohibited Content By YouTube

There are some types of content those are not allowed to be posted on YouTube. They violet YouTube's policy. We should be aware about such types. Especially violence, nudity, direct advertisement of any product/service/brand, abusive content, porn, these are not allowed strictly. So using any of these either cause no-monetization of that specific video, or strike and removal from YouTube of the same. There are guidelines available from YouTube support team about their terms and policies. So we need to get the knowledge about it before we start creating content for YouTube channel.

These were some tips, put together from real user experiences and we hope that you will get the necessary information out of our whole efforts. Alao we are open to help you for your YouTube channel. We give one-to-one consulting by reviewing the flaws and the solutions for the same, in order to grow your YouTube channel. You can contact us by filling up the form given on contact page of this website.

- Team ShubhaSurPedia

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