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YouTube Tips For Beginners

Nowadays we have to understand and accept that video content has become an important key for marketing. Whether it is an organisation, a corporate business, an artist or anyone creating video content is inevitable for promotion. And when it comes to video, YouTube has always remained on the top position. Being the most popular search engine after Google, YouTube receives billions of visitors every month. People actually come on YouTube to search things. And this is a big positive for video content creators.

Everyday hundreds of YouTube newbies dream about building a successful YouTube channel. But it is not as easy as we think. Building a successful YouTube channel takes lot of systematic efforts and time of course.

Today we are going to focus on the most important aspects in the process of building a successful YouTube channel. These steps can be easily followed by little extra efforts and proper planing.

So here we go,

The most important part is your audio quality should be decent. General mobile recordings will give you just the quantity, not quality. If you are recording and shooting from mobile phones, some kind of audio and video editing and process is necessary. If you are providing quality then only visitors are going to return to your channel. Only content quality is not enough.

1. Create videos on the topics that you actually love

Take any successful YouTube out there, why he is so successful? Creating videos, promotion, search engine optimization, other technical aspects, etc all things come later. First and the most important point is that he is very passionate about his work. Because he is sharing his knowledge about such a topic that he is extremely loves, his love, his interest gets reflected in his content.

So it is very important that you should love the topic and be passionate about your knowledge that you are going to share with the world. Then and only then your content is going to be good and people are going to watch it. It is okay if the videos are not technically superb. A decent video and properly audible clear voice (or music, whatever it is) make it fair enough. Even mobile shot videos some times get a huge response if the content is strong.

2. Upload videos on a regular basis

This is such a thing that every new YouTuber fails to understand at the initial stage, as a result channel takes a lot of time to take off and the person starts loosing interest from the process. Based on the niche, it can be from a daily schedule to weekly or biweekly uploading. But don't make a mistake of assuming that you will upload one video leisurely in one or two months and you will get loads of views.

That doesn't happen unless your video has gone viral in the whole world and everybody is talking about it!

Hence, if you want to grow your channel, you need to keep uploading video on a regular basis.

3. Make a schedule for yourself to upload videos

Uploading good videos frequently has always been a challenge for every new YouTuber. While getting use to video recording and editing, it's difficult to stick to an uploading schedule. But if you want to make some noticeable channel growth, you need to figure out about how to create and upload videos regularly. Here are some points that you can give a thought to.

  • Keep topics list handy.

  • Use apps like Evernote.

  • Keep your setup minimal so that it won't take much time for getting ready for shoot.

  • Work even on your off days/leisure time.

  • Try to collaborate for editing, channel handling, etc tasks if it is getting very tough for you to do everything on your own.

  • Try and improve your scripting, talking and editing skills.

  • Always be welcoming for new ideas.

It would be much easier for you to upload more if your content category is less demanding. For example, if you are a film make, then creating even a short film would take a whole set of planning, preparing, shooting and post production. But if you are a vlogger, then you just need to start your camera, attach microphone (if shooting on mobile device, then not even this) and start talking. Obviously planning about the video and some sort of preparation is of course a part and parcel of the process.

4. Channel and video Optimization

Optimizing your channel and videos is equally important as making and uploading them. Because even if you have created an award-winning quality video, it is of no use if it fails to reach people. So you have to fulfill all the SEO demands while uploading your videos on your YouTube channel. Once you put in all the efforts for making your video SEO friendly, you can start seeing noticeable improvement in your channel traffic.

The list of YouTube channel and video optimization, is as follows,

  • Channel Logo - Uploading your Logo on YouTube Channel always helps creating good impression about your identity.

  • Channel Cover Art - You can showcase your schedule, about your niche, topics here. Your logo and cover art should be in relation with your content category.

  • Channel Description - In the About section. you need to fill in about yourself/company, what is this channel about, and other related information like your contact details (if you want to share)and a call-to-action for liking, sharing videos, subscribing, etc.

  • Video Titles - The most important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your video title and thumbnail decide the traffic to your video. So research and study a lot while writing titles for your videos.

  • Thumbnails - Like title, video thumbnail plays a big role in bringing traffic to your videos. It is the first thing that people see about your video. So it has to be impressive. There are a lots of free thumbnail maker apps which you can download in mobile device or computer.

  • Tags - These are the words relating to your video content and have a lot of search volume. So always search the right tags for your video. Also making smart use of Hashtags, helps your video getting at a correct place where a huge traffic can role over from.

  • Other Misc.- Some small technical tweaks like end screen annotations, cards, creating topic related playlists, are useful hacks for your videos and YouTube channel.

So these were some simple steps that can guarantee you at least some small increase in your channel traffic. Do try to follow each of them and make a habit of the same. This will surely benefit your YouTube channel.

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